Wholemilk Powder

Our creamy and nutritious whole milk powder range can be used for every day – enjoy it!

Regular Whole Milk Powder and Instant Whole Milk Powder in various formats ranging from 25kgs to bag-in-box or cans.


Instant Fat Filled Powder

Our rich and creamy fat filled powder range is ready for direct family consumption – only the best!

Instant Fat Filled Milk Powder 28/24 and 26/20 in various formats



Food Service or Bakery – your customers will love out butter range – fresh from the farm!

Unsalted Sweet Cream, Lactic Sweet Cream and Salted Butter



Our range of quality cheese does not only taste good, its very healthy as well – try it today!

Cheddar, Gouda, Edam in various industrial and food service size packaging


Whey Ingredients

Our nutritious range of Whey Ingredients is healthy and economical for many applications – garanteed!

Whey Protein Concentrate 34-80% in 25kgs



We design and help customers imporve product quality and performance – customised solution are the best!

Custom blended ingredients solutions in 25kgs